Welcome to  Manvap,With industry leading technology and the creative design team, this is the main reason why we have become the fastest growing e-cigarette brand in the world. As a global leader in the e-cigarette manufacturing industry, we design, manufacture, and distribute a wide variety of vaping products, including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, cartridges, e-liquid, and accessories. We are committed to helping smokers quit smoking and lead a healthier life with our own excellent electronic cigarette products

Smokers who want to quit smoking but do not have a viable alternative could turn to vaping, which can effectively help them kick the habit.

We know exactly the importance of ecig, a healthier alternative of tobaccos. That is the reason why we have been working hard to help develop the global vaping industry and to do whatever we can to popularize the advantages of e-cigarette.


Manvap is still striving to make progress and develop innovative, less-harmful alternatives to smoking. We also provide our customers with excellent service. We would love to listen to customers’ feedback and make adjustments to our product strategies and services based on their opinions.