Welcome to  Manvap, with industry leading technology along with the strong design team you can clearly see why we are the fastest growing electronic cigarette brand in the nation. As a global leader in the e-cigarette and vape manufacturing industry. We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide variety of vaping products including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, cartridges, e-liquid, and accessories. Through our experience and the extensive range of vaping products we have developed, we have come to play an integral role in how our customers can enjoy their lives as non-smokers.

Smokers who wanted to quit didn’t have a viable alternative they could turn to that would help them kick the habit. That’s why we’ve worked hard to help develop the global vaping market and to do whatever we can to introduce as many people as possible e-cigarette.We understand the importance of making a healthier alternative available to smokers and making it a central part of their lives.


At  Manvap, we continue to make progress and develop new, a less-harmful alternatives to smoking. We also provide our customers with excellent service, listening to their feedback and basing our product development strategies on the same.